Blogging is for dummies?

Hey it is your own fault if you buy a book for dummies.

Blogging is for dummies? No way! I may be blonde but I am not dumb.

14b7m0What more can you expect there already. The dummies book is overly inflated to fill the many pages.

The technology part is superficial, but a lot of etiquette rules ie Bloggers never eat during working hours is silly.

Although the dummies book was published recently, the contents are dated. The web changes so fast that is not hard to believe.

For people who do not have Internet, the book is probably derived to enrich the library with more dummies who are blogging on their computers.

The need for dummies books is to educate in simple terms. Not be simple and stupid. I am entitled to my own opinion.

I have never had a blog. It seems so hard. I use Word for my writing.

To get info my computer brings a Google search page and I will look in Wikipedia for facts.

If you are a blogger – that’s fine, but don’t take away my Word app. It’s too easy and I am not a dummy.

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