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Benefits Of Blogging For Kids

When you hear someone talking about ‘blogs’, do you automatically assume that they must be talking about something written by adults, for adults? If so, you may think that the idea of kids blogging is strange and unnecessary, but you’d be wrong. Writing a blog can have big benefits for a child and can help assist in many areas of their development.

But what do kids really get out of writing blogs and what could they possibly write about? More importantly, how do you make sure that kids remain safe and happy while writing online? Here’s some tips for those looking to get their kids into blogging for the first time:

Blogging and kids’ skills development: A natural relationship
The most immediate benefit of blogging is that it gives children an excuse to write regularly. At a young age, this is often the best way for kids to learn new words and develop understanding of sentence form.

It will also give them the opportunity to write substantial pieces, constructing arguments and gaining understanding of structural elements like paragraphs. What’s more, they’ll be using a keyboard and software to do it, meaning that they’ll be gaining greater confidence and familiarity with computers.

The online aspect of blogging allows kids to connect with other child blog writers, and free kids blogging sites offer the chance to join a writing community. This opportunity for sharing can be great for motivating kids’ to write, as they’ll feel like they’re writing for an audience and will want to produce their best work. Also, knowing that their work is being read by others can be a great boost to their self-esteem and confidence.

But what to write?
Blogs are versatile and can host almost any type of writing. One popular option is for the kids to write stories on their blog, with inspiration coming from events in their life or perhaps solely from their imagination. This is a great way for kids to explore their creative side and the more they write, the better their stories will become.

Alternatively, they could use it as a diary or as a way of reporting news stories from their school. These more factual activities require research and planning skills, meaning that the child will be developing themselves academically while also enjoying themselves.

It doesn’t have to be just words though. Blogs can host all forms of content, including images, sound and video. These can be used to complement the writing, allowing your child to develop an integrated approach to media that will serve as fantastic preparation for the future.

Making sure kids are safe while blogging
Some parents and teachers may be uneasy about letting their kids share things online, with good reason. One strategy to meet this safety consideration is to host the child’s blog on a school’s internal network, so that only their friends will be able to see and comment on it. Alternatively, you could use popular blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger. By setting it up so that you moderate all comments and by ensuring that the child puts no personal information on the blog, you can go a long way to guaranteeing their safety online.

E-learning software and educational websites also offer convenient spaces for kids blogging, and are often carefully supervised to make sure the experience is an enjoyable one. Blogging can give great benefits to kids and can play an important role in their early development, so why not introduce your kids to blogging today?

Hannah McCarthy is the Marketing Manager for Education City which provides online teaching resources for schools and fun games for kids. Stig and Sten is a site offering adventure games, puzzles, competitions and activities for home users aged 3-12.


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Presenting Blog Content Readers Will Appreciate

When preparing any blog content your first priority is to maintain relevance to the theme of the site. Of equal if not greater importance however is the way in which it is delivered since this will help make any update more interesting to read. Your blog posting not only needs to deliver quality content but also get people more involved in what they are viewing. Much like advertising if your blog posting does not grab and hold a persons attention everybody loses!

5 things you always want your updates to accomplish in order to make them more interesting to read are as follows:

Be Engaging

Whenever you can try to present your updates in a conversational manner that will better serve to engage your readers. Even the best quality content can be boring if it is presented in a clinical manner. Share what you have to say in the same way you would speak it and in most cases this will make it more interesting to read!

Get to the Point

Don’t use more words than you need to convey your point but instead make your point as early as you can with the body of the text people are viewing. Many people quite simply will not view the entire blog posting if they are not made aware relatively quickly what its intent may be! Give viewers a reason or motivation to read deeper into what you have posted or they are likely gone!

Create an Easy Read

Speak to be understood and not to impress while also using a layout that is easy to follow! Visitors land on your blog to be entertained and informed but not to be challenged! If they do not understand the meaning of the words you use or they find your format difficult to navigate you will be wasting their time and yours!

Enlighten Readers

As it was implied above always strive to make each update interesting to read from the standpoint of offering useful information! It can be late breaking news, insight from personal experience or thought provoking comments and/or statements but make your update useful in some way!

Encourage Feedback

By asking for comments readers will feel more a part of the process and a greater sense of community while you stand to benefit from their valuable feedback. This feedback of course will then help you to make improvements from which your readers ultimately benefit as well! Their comments are also extremely useful in helping you serve up the type of quality content they want to see.

Obviously you want your blog content to be on the ‘mark’ in terms of relevancy to the theme of the site. It is just as important however that your blog posting accomplishing the 5 things discussed above in order to make it more interesting to read. Offering quality content should always be your primary objective but if you do not present it properly many may never even read what you composed! The suggestions above focus more on the presentation of your blog posting however the quality continues to remain your responsibility!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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Bloggers Breaking an Increasing Number of News Stories

Today you see the beginning of a new era: the era of the news blogger. In the beginning, blogging was all about chronicling your life and your opinion. People would read your blog to see into your personal life. It was like reading someone’s personal diary. Today, blogging has evolved into a news business for many.

People can make money from running a blog. So it is only natural that people extend blogging into reporting and breaking news from their perspective. Bloggers have started doing this to drive more people to their blog. With more people reading a blog, the higher the advertising revenue.

Bloggers do not generally go through the usual fact-checking process that traditional news outlets do. Some bloggers listen to and rewrite the rumor mill just to generate new content. It is those bloggers who produce stories rather than reports that often gain the most readers. They claim to report something when in reality is often nothing more than well-written speculation.

One advantage that bloggers have over news sites is that they do not have to abide by an organization’s standards and political views. The can have full poetic license with the words they write.

As a journalist you aspire to bringing the nation to their knees for a big promotion with. For a blogger, the returns are more direct. Many bloggers benefit directly from increased traffic in the form of advertising revenue. “Exposing the ugly truth” often becomes the motive for many bloggers without regard to the long-term consequences.

News sites put more care into reporting trending news. It has always been and will continue to be in their long-term interests to do so. At the middle of any news story is the integrity of the facts and writing. Any reporter who has compromised these will have a much more difficult time writing compelling, believable news moving forward with the same of different organization.

Blogs are a great thing. They allow people to share their views with others around the world, creating an ever-growing source of information that you can sometimes trust. But be sure to take your individual blog reads with a grain of salt. Nobody has come up with a solution that holds bloggers the more stringent set of standards that the news sites have been held to. Given how fast technology evolves and often catches us by surprise, perhaps that will be the next big thing.

While many people read trending news from blogs, an increasing number are using news aggregators. A simple Google search can help you discover which fits your needs.


Bloggers can now be aggregators and curators of news and information. Imagine a museum curator, making decisions what artifacts to display. It’s the same with blogs, you decide what you want to publish. The bigger sites will offer free blog posting because they want their sites to be a hub of useful information. Take advantage of this!

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